Not only are we encouraged to be leaders, we are also encouraged to be ourselves and show who we really are. We don’t have to be a certain way.
— Cheili Bond (Grade 6)
I am part of this program because I love the message we provide to our community. I love reaching out to people and doing good. If you’re not doing good, what are you doing?
— Bergen Battison (Grade 9)
Empowering girls is empowerment for a family, a community, a nation and beyond. Girls are the future of the human race.
— Emma Everette (Grade 12)
Being a part of BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. has helped me grow into a strong and independent woman.
— Annie Knizeski (University of Saint Joseph Class of 2018)
I am part of this program because I want to make a change. Regardless of size, change is change. When I first saw the movie, it’s message was stuck in my head. When something is stuck in my head, I have to take action. This is my way of taking action.”
— Avery Sherrill (Grade 10)
We’re a group of girls. Who else is better to empower girls?
— Miriam Callahan (Grade 9)
I am inspired by the message that girls are strong and brave and can make change. We all can make a difference if we recognize the issue and that’s what our program does.
— Lindsey Hopper (Grade 12)
I am part of this program because I want to help girls get out of their comfort zones and feel comfortable in their own skin. I want to see more people aware of all of the fabulous things we do in this program
— Mary Volpe (Grade 11)
Being a part of BRAVE has allowed me to expand my leadership skills and truly get the opportunity to make a change.
— Rachel Caffrey (Grade 11, ITHS)
To be brave is not to just not be afraid, it’s to be confident, to believe in yourself, and to stand up for your friends or others when they need it.
— Ariana Vasquez (Grade 7, Sedgwick)