Student Voices for Social Justice

Conference Countdown: 16 Days!

Dear BRAVE Humans,

Happy happy Friday! Welcome back to all of the warriors for love, advocates, activists, agents of change, leaders, and fiercely good humans. It is wonderful to have you all here with me.

Today I will continue our monthly conversation on teaching and learning for social justice. Please check out cool resource linked here to learn more about some of the theories, ideas and manifestations of (un)fairness, (in)equality, (in)equity, privilege and more. Please comment with any resources you have found useful or with any feedback or insights on this resource. 


Today I will shine a spotlight on the six student voices for social justice that will be our student-run break-out sessions at our Live BRAVE Conference on March 24th. This entire conference event is a platform for student voices, student leaders, and student issues. The topics of discussion will all be anchored in leadership for social justice. These undergraduate student presenters are truly BRAVE and embody what it means to be a leader in advocacy and activism for social justice. I cannot wait for the opportunity to learn from their knowledge and experiences.


Here is the line up:

Reclaiming Cyber Shame: Life After Revenge Porn presented by Leah Juliett

Advocacy and Community in the Online World presented by Lucas Brunt

Self-Care for Social Justice Advocates presented by Emma Whitmore

Artificial Intelligence and Human Trafficking presented by Michelle Voong

Diversity in Action Panel Discussion presented by Bri’Elle Price and DIA Members of USJ

Intersectionality: Being Queer & Latinx presented by Robin Ventura

I truly believe in the positive power of students and I am determined to help create spaces and opportunities for students to share their voices, identities and experiences with the world and ultimately to discover their best self and realize their own full potential. Students continue to inspire me everyday with their words, actions and stories. I am certain these student presentations at the Live BRAVE conference will be no exception.

I often share quotes with students, and all those I work with, that have inspired and challenged me. One of my all time favorites is by Alice Walker (I love Alice Walker). She said,

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they do not have any."


These words resonate with even more depth when it comes to students. Too often young people question their agency, their power, their voice simply because of their youth. But now, maybe more than ever, we need the agency, power and voices of students and young people everywhere. We need to challenge and inspire one another to believe in our power so that we may employ that power to the fullest extent possible. This is how we will create change.

It is so important to know who we want to be and to understand that we have the power to be that person, the best version of ourselves. Because the content of our character and our individual identities manifest from OUR CHOICES. Day after day, we have the freedom to lead our own lives. What we choose, what we think, and what we do, is who we will become. So, let’s make choices that will lead us towards the best versions of ourselves. Let's choose to be warriors for love, advocates, activists, agents of change, leaders, and fiercely good humans. 

"To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to go there.”      - Kofi Annan


Before I leave for today, I will ask again;

who is ready to change the world?!

Leah, Lucas, Emma, Michelle, Bri’Elle & DIA, and Robin certainly are! Will you join them, and all of us at BRAVE, in our efforts to change the world?! Let us know in the comments below.

And please join the us in the culmination of this ongoing conversation on teaching and learning for social justice at our Second Annual Conference on March 24th. Register here! Register now!


Peace and love,