BRAVE Voices: Why does the Live BRAVE Conference Matter?

Conference Countdown: 1 Day!

Dear BRAVE Humans,

Guess what?! The Live BRAVE Conference is TOMORROW! That is what!! 

I am determined to convince YOU to attend this fantastic event, focused on teaching and learning for social justice. And, to help convince you, I consulted with three members of the BRAVE Team who are most responsible for the development of this beautiful event; Andrea McDermott, Mar Amador and Molly Kozlowski.  Each of them is a fierce warrior for social justice and has contributed an immeasurable amount of hard work and passion to making this conference event come to life!

Now, I’d like to share the voices of these Conference Committee studs, sharing their experience of planning and preparing for this amazing event!! I asked each of them two questions; first, what has it been like to be part of the team working hard to prepare this conference event? And second, why does this event matter? Why should people attend, what do they have to gain?

Let’s hear from Andrea McDermott first!

Andrea is one of BRAVE’s Board Directors as well as the organizations Treasurer. She also served as the Development and Advancement Committee Leader for this year, who was responsible for the conference event. Here is what she said;

“It has been so fun to work with such a dedicated group of BRAVE humans to prepare for the conference! It has been so rewarding to know that we are team and that work is always something we share and collaborate to accomplish. I've been challenged to think outside of the box and rethink ideas even when they seem set in stone - we can plan all we want but being flexible and able to think on your feet is important, too!
This event matters because it is an opportunity to learn and grow from other humans that are interested in and passionate about creating change in their communities to promote social justice. People who want to learn how to create change from right where they are, or have ideas on how to do that, should come to the conference! I think any and everyone has something to gain from being a part of this BRAVE space.”

Up next is Mar Amador!

Mar is our most veteran BRAVE Intern and BRAVE Team Leader. This semester Mar has taken on the role of Conference Chair for this years Live BRAVE Conference event. Mar has been the leader of the planning and preparation for this specific event; and they have done such a wonderful job! Here is what they shared with me;

“It has been so rewarding  working with a team to put this conference together. I am so lucky to be working on a project where everyone cares so much about making it a success. Having such incredible teammates to bounce ideas off of or get support from has been my favorite part by far.
I have learned how to take more initiative. When there is so much work to do, you just have to trust yourself that you can do it. Sooner or later you look back and realize how much you've accomplished.
Everyone wants to do good but how and where to start has always been something that we have all struggled with. This is why I think this conference is important. It brings together people who want to do good - who want to make a difference and improve the lives of others. We will share our passions our dreams and goals and support one another. We will encourage and inspire each other to start acting. I hope this conference will be a starting point for so many people. A place where they will learn and teach and know that they can create social justice.”

And, last but certainly not least, is Molly Kozlowski!

Molly is a member of our 2017-2018 BRAVE Intern Team. She is our current Community Outreach Intern and a member of the Development and Advancement Committee. All of Molly’s work this semester has contributed to making this conference event the best it can be. Molly share this with me;

“Preparation for this conference has been quite the journey. The Development and Advancement Committee began working together towards planning this for a couple of months now. Now that we are just one day away, I'm excited to see all of our work unfold throughout the day of the conference. My favorite part about working with the DAC team are the people. Each and everyone of us bring something unique to the table, whether it's our ability to network, our work ethic, our personal connections to these topics, or our friendly personalities. I am certain the event will nothing short of amazing.
Voices from a number of identities will share their stories, and struggles. It's important to involve yourself in these discussions because through them I believe that we'll acquire more empathy, and understanding. As a result, I firmly believe we can strive towards equality and fairness towards identities who haven't yet acquired that. It matters because at times we think that making change only happens on a macro-level, through people of power such as politicians and celebrities. What you'll realize through this conference is that it's the micro-level actions that make just as much of a difference throughout your communities. To me, it's empowering to know that my voice can and will spark change in spaces that I speak up.”

You heard them! This event matters! So, be there or be square!

Please join the conversation on teaching and learning for social justice! Register here! Register now!

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Peace and love,