Live BRAVE Conference: Teaching and Learning for Social Justice

Dear BRAVE Humans,

Merry March! We are back in action today; I told you, I am willing to write this blog, to create this space. And, beginning today, this space will move forward with a new theme to employ as a vehicle through which we can continue the journey of inspiring and challenging one another to  live brave! For the month of March, this blog will engage with living brave through the lens of our new theme, teaching and learning for social justice.

What do you think? Are you willing?

Remember my challenge for all of you. It has not gone away. In order for us to share real talk about social justice then we must all be willing. This challenge will embody a strategy for creating change right from where we are; a strategy for living BRAVE as your best self. We must first know that we are willing before we can truly employ our willingness to action. Willing...

To be seen.

To speak up.

To keep going.

To listen to what others have to say.

To give and receive love.

To make empowered choices.

To empathize with ALL humans.

To be my most authentic self.

To learn and ask questions.

To reflect and improve.

To dream big.

To walk the walk.

To go forward even when you feel alone.

To go to bed each night at peace with yourself.

To be my biggest, bestest, most powerful self.

Can we be warriors for love if we are not willing? Can we be advocates? Activists? Agents of change? Leaders for social justice? Our best selves? 

If you are willing, keep reading.

If you are a warrior for love, an advocate, an activist, an agent of change, a leader, a good human --- keep reading. You are a total rockstar. We need you.

Because the BRAVE family is willing and we are not just talking to talk, we are walking the walk. And we want to invite all of you out there to walk with us. Join us on Saturday, March 24th as we host a conference event called "Live BRAVE: Teaching and Learning for Social Justice.” The conference will be focused around advocacy, activism, leadership, education, human rights, contemporary issues, and self-empowerment. It is our goal to have as many voices represented and shared as possible, so that we may all learn from one another and work together to create positive change.

As you know, BRAVE’s mission is to inspire and challenge humans to be BRAVE and self-empowered contributors to a better world.This conference is a powerful and important opportunity to bring that mission to life for the purpose of achieving social justice. The day will include a keynote address, a direct service event, two Q&A panel discussions and multiple breakout sessions, lead by student leaders as well as experienced professionals from our local and national communities.

You can learn more about the Live BRAVE Conference by visiting our website and checking out our Eventbrite page. If you like what you see, register today! Contact us at with any questions! I look forward to seeing you on the 24th! We want to hear from YOU! (@you, yes you) So, please comment! Please come to the conference!


And, before I leave you for the weekend, here is one more final thought - a question to consider. This question will help us to navigate our continued discussions on teaching and learning for social justice as a way to truly Live BRAVE. Here it goes -

Who is ready to change the world?!

Here, at BRAVE, we are always ready! (Remind me to explain the origin story of this epic question in our shared BRAVE spaces, it all started on our international service learning trip in the DR - good story! @Shelby, @Mar, @Dre, @J, @Heather, @Rachel and @Mom, too!) Please, join us! On March 24th, and everyday before and after, as we all work together to change the world and make it better.

Wishing you all peace with every step, today and everyday! (@Lia)

Stay awesome,