BRAVE Challenge: Are you willing?

Dear BRAVE Humans,

Today is a great day to have a great day! It is wonderful to have y’all back for the final post of February. So far, in the first seven posts on this blog, I hope that I have been able to begin the process of creating a true BRAVE space for all of us. Please comment below with any questions or suggestions regarding our shared BRAVE space.

In addition, I hope that these first seven posts have contributed to achieving my three main goals for this blog space; (1) to provide us with a space to teach and learn about becoming the best versions of ourselves and Living BRAVE, (2) to develop a BRAVE network for continued support, growth and success (please comment and subscribe!), and, finally, (3) to increase awareness and inspire action around topics of human rights, social justice and intersectional feminism (so much more to come on this goal through next months posts!)

This post will wrap-up our monthly theme of Living BRAVE and, hopefully, leave each of us with some inspiration and a final BRAVE challenge for contributing to a better world. As I said in my first post, I truly believe that at our best and bravest, we can and will give and receive even more peace and love in order to make our world better. We have to start somewhere, so, why not start right from where we are.

So, here is my challenge for all of you.

This challenge will embody all that we have established so far this month; the power and agency and sustainability of self-empowerment, the difference between being brave and living brave, and the non-negotiables for brave leadership. This challenge will ebody a strategy for creating change right from where we are; a strategy for living BRAVE as your best self. And it all starts with this question; are you willing?

We must first know that we are willing before we can truly employ our willingness to action. Here are just a few that I think about often. I ask myself, am I willing?

To be seen.

To speak up.

To keep going.

To listen to what others have to say.

To give and receive love.

To make empowered choices.

To empathize with ALL humans.

To be my most authentic self.

To learn and ask questions.

To reflect and improve.

To dream big.

To walk the walk.

To go forward even when you feel alone.

To go to bed each night at peace with yourself.

To be my biggest, bestest, most powerful self.

Check out Emma Watson’s “One Young World” speech -- her words inspired and challenged me.


Honesty is so important when we engage ourselves with this questions. Are we really willing?

No matter what. Regardless of context. This is far from easy. If it were easy, everyone would always be willing. Being willing is a lifestyle shift. It takes dedication and hard work. It takes intention and deliberation. It demands reflection and introspection. It requires accountability and consistency. But, it is possible. What you do matters. What you are willing to do matters. Are you willing to create change right from where you are? Are you willing to inspire and challenge others? Are you willing to contribute a better world? Are you willing to Live BRAVE?

Once you establish that you are, in fact, willing, you must develop an action plan with specific strategies for action!

Don’t forget to include strategies for accountability and consistency. Consider these:

What can I do…

What can I say…

Who can I connect with…

How can I support others…

What do I have to contribute…

What questions do I want to ask…

What do I need to learn more about...

This is my BRAVE challenge for all of you. And for myself.

As Emma Watson says in her speech, each of these I am willing statements “scare the absolute shit out of me.” I am scared. But, I am also BRAVE. I am still learning and still making mistakes. And I am still showing up each and every new day to try and be better. I am willing. I hope you will join me. Let’s keep working to discover what we are willing to do in order to live a BRAVE life. Let’s continue designing and redesigning a plan of action. And most important, let’s get living. Let’s be our best selves. Are you willing?


As part of your strategy for accountability, share in the comments with all of us, what are you willing to do?

I am willing to continue writing this blog as what I hope will be a unique vehicle through which the BRAVE mission is brought to life. Please, don’t leave me hanging; check in Friday for the new monthly theme and even more good vibes! Please comment! Please subscribe! Stay awesome, friends!

Peace and love,