Non-negotiables for BRAVE Leadership

Dear BRAVE Humans,

Today is Friday! Woo! Friday’s are great aren’t they? I mean, all days a great, right?! Especially when we work towards making them great days. Here’s hoping your visit to the Living BRAVE Blog contributes to your great day!

For today’s post, I am going to continue to build on and further develop the foundation for my BRAVE ideas and theories that have been mobilized to create the BRAVE organization. All of my former posts will compliment and intersect with the full value of my new contributions in this message, which will focus specifically on the meaning of leadership. I believe that we all need to be open minded and work to reimagine what we think about leadership. I choose to think about leadership as each person’s unique journey of discovering and becoming a good human and their best self. Together, we need to change the narrative of leadership, who can be a leader and what counts as leadership. We are all capable of being leaders and we must believe in our leadership, our power and agency.  We need to intentionally engage in the development of our leadership identities so that we can put them into action. We cannot try to be someone else, we are wonderful exactly how we are.

Below, I will share what I like to call my non negotiables (one of my Meaghanisms) for leadership. This idea of leadership is what I refer to as BRAVE leadership, or a person who truly lives and leads a BRAVE life. I have ten non negotiables to share with y’all today (two of which I have unpacked quite a bit in previous posts). To me, a non negotiable is something that no one, and nothing, could ever convince me was unimportant. A non negotiable is something that I believe in with my whole heart. My non negotiables are my truths, my compasses in life's journey towards Living BRAVE and becoming my best self as a BRAVE leader. These ten non negotiables are ten things that I try my best to embody everyday, that I work on to learn and progress everyday and that have helped me to grow and improve so much, as a human and as a leader. Please note, there is so much interaction between these ten non negotiables, they lean on one another and reinforce one another. They are stronger together. Employing these non negotiables, I believe, is a path to empowerment, a path to action.

So, here is an overview of my non negotiables, and hopefully even more food for thought. Please, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think about leadership. What are you non negotiables?

1. Be BRAVE.

Engage discomfort, discover and become your best self.

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2. Leadership is a lifestyle.

You have to Live BRAVE. Leaders are made and remade everyday, you must development of a leadership identity.

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3. Be empowered by your own choices.

We make millions of choices everyday, make choices you can be proud of and that represent your best self. Wake up every morning knowing that you (your choices) will have the biggest impact on how your day goes. Every word we say, every silence, every action, every relationship (and SO much more) are all choice we make. We all make a difference with the choices we make, and each of us has to decide what kind of difference we want to make.

 - Alice Walker 

- Alice Walker 

4. Give and receive love and do it on purpose.

Diversify love, reimagine the meaning of the word. Passion. Positivity. Vulnerability. Our ability to love and our ability to do anything and everything when we feel love in return is our great human super power. We are strong because of how much we love, not in spite of it. Love is not weak, it is powerful and important. This include self-love.


5. Be authentic.

The bravest thing you can be is exactly who you are. Be you, unapologetically. Live your truth. Be vulnerable. Be a leader and advocate for yourself.

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6. Be a lifelong learner.

Be curious, ask questions, ask for help. Learn from mistakes and failures. Be open- minded! Learn and relearn. Remember, there would be no answers without questions.

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7. Practice empathy.

Be intentional and patient about finding common ground. We have more in common than we realize; practice humility, kindness, and love. Empathy helps us transcend past our differences and contributes to peace. Listen to understand, not to reply.

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8. Practice reflection.

Become self-aware and practice self-love. Celebrate yourself and others. Identify what you need to work on, practice gratitude.

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9. Dream! Don't ever stop dreaming.

Failure is good and it should not defeat nor define us. Believe you can do anything you want to do. Uncertainty is good. Follow your heart, take risks.

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10. Walk the walk.

Employ your power to be kind, to love, to be BRAVE, to be good, to dream, to learn, to be yourself, to empathize, to choose and to lead. It is not good enough to talk the talk. Peace with every step...every word...every choice.


That is all for now! Please, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think about leadership. What are you non negotiables?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Stay awesome!

Peace and love,