Interested in a Spring 2018 Internship?!

Positions available:

  • Mentoring (elementary school, middle school or high school students) 
  • Public relations and marketing 
  • Social media 
  • Computer science, website development 
  • Community partnerships and engagement 
  • Fundraising and event planning 
  • BRAVE blogger 

Intern Applications for Spring 2018 will be posted in November. Please email any questions to

Are you a college student interested in an empowering mentoring and leadership experience? Consider becoming an Intern with one of BRAVE's programs.

What started as a small grassroots organization has turned into a far reaching and welcoming space for girls of all ages to be themselves and become masters of their own universes. The bonds these girls are forming and the work they are doing is far more than could ever be taught in a classroom.
— Morgan Reiss, BRAVE Intern Spring 2015 (UCONN)
The BRAVE Girls Internship is an invaluable experience that enabled me to combine my passion for social justice issues and feminism. As testament to how committed we are to serving the community, our girls and members have collected over eight hundred health products for the Bridge Family Center’s homeless shelter.
— Devika Prasad, BRAVE Intern 2015