Curriculum to come!

I have been honored to work with the Girl Rising/BRAVE program begun at Conard High School. Meaghan Davis has done an incredible job organizing and inspiring a remarkable group of young women. I have been consistently impressed by their passion, poise, and professionalism. I believe this is a powerful organization with the potential to have a real impact on the lives of students who participate, as well as those who witness the good work that they do!
— Meg Monaghan, PhD - Professor at the University of St. Josephs
It was an honor to be asked by my former student and now friend, Elle, to get involved in supporting this new program that she and Meaghan Davis started last year. I have always had complete faith in Elle and after meeting Meaghan and seeing their vision and passion for this new program I knew that I had to support BRAVE. It has been a great year of growth and reflection and watching the connections between middle and high school girls that could follow them through life has been wonderful to witness. I envision this program reaching across towns, across states and across nations, it’s going to be that amazing!
— Leslie Bruenn - 7th grade Science Teacher at Sedgwick Middle School
Meaghan’s creation of BRAVE has been amazing to watch. She built an after school, inter school activity, into a powerful tool to teach leadership skills to girls and in turn have them teach leadership skills to younger girls. Her energy and compassion for education and girls rights inspire students to take leadership, break out of the role of being a bystander and build a positive community within and between schools. Meaghan runs leadership training. has had students develop “teach-ins” where they present to groups of their peers about women’s issues they care about. Students feel as well as learn in her program. Meaghan’s mission, to educate all girls and build girls’ leadership has energized a large cohort of girls in our high school. She is developing a context in which more girls have the experience speaking and leading and it becomes more of the norm in the high school. Her vision and program are ones that every high school needs.
— Tracey Wilson Ph.D - Social Studies Teacher Conard High School
This summer, I was so incredibly fortunate to serve as a chaperone for BRAVE’s first annual Summer Leadership Retreat in D.C. My experience as a chaperone, leader, woman, teacher, learner, and citizen was so immensely powerful. This organization, under the truly brave and successful Meaghan Davis, is one that is so empowering, and I left this trip feeling more confident as a leader and a positively contributing member of society. During this 3 day trip, 9 women came together to explore and analyze women’s representation in our nation’s capital, and we engaged in some of the most insightful conversations about women’s leadership I have ever witnessed. Not only did I feel as though I was a part of a larger movement to empower both women and men, I came away with a new found motivation to really change this world for the betterment of every human being. In addition, throughout all of our amazing experiences as BRAVE members, I feel as though I am now an important member of a community of educated and talented young girls who are beautifully fighting to improve our society.

I can speak volumes to the success of the BRAVE organization. I was able to see first hand exactly what this organization is doing and the impact it is having. Meaghan Davis is a relentless, inspiring, and life-changing leader, and I am so excited to watch this organization grow and see the positive effect it has on the world. I LOVE BRAVE!!!!
— Gabrielle Lataille - Secondary Social Studies Teacher in Boston, Massachusetts